Structural Steel Design

When designing any project, the structural integrity of all elements is a key consideration to the usability, safety and performance of any design. It has the ability to impact the lifespan of a project as well the engineering requirements required to achieve specified outcomes.

Throughout the design process, TWK Steel’s specialist team of engineers work with our clients to provide cost effective recommendations, designs and options in line with budgets and project requirements. Our methods have frequently aided our clients in achieving beneficial project outcomes including a reduction in unnecessary spending, shorter timelines for manufacturing and the overall successful delivery of key project elements.

When working with TWK Steel, our clients can be assured that all designs are created within the guidelines of Australian standards and codes. Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving project compliance throughout the project’s lifecycle and following its completion.

This is particularly relevant for key structural elements we frequently customise, including:

  • Temporary steel structures
  • Structural steel
  • Commercial building structural steel
  • Industrial warehousing