Nippon Steel Sheet Pile

  • Stock Available for Hire & Sale
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • 600mm wide U-type sections are one of the most familiar sheet piles among both designers and piling contractors.
  • NS-SP-2w & 3w (600mm wide) are solidly designed. These sections are especially suitable for related use, and have acquired high market acceptance from users
  • U-type section offer section modulus ranging from 874 cm3 to 3820 cm3 per meter.
  • Application: Quay Wall; Revetment; Man Made Island; River Revetment; Temporary Retaining Wall; Bridge Pier Protection; Cofferdam; Retaining Wall, Seawall; Ground Foundation; Excavation and etc.

nippon steel sheet pile

nippon steel u type sheet pile 

steel sheet pile



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