Powered by Tekla Structures, TWK Steel use the latest software to produce accurate shop drawings for both steel and concrete. We ensure all of our drawings are produced to a quality standard and are easy to read.

BIM technology (Building Information Modelling) is becoming more popular as it is proving to save time and money in coordinating the trades involved in the building process. By using a 3d design model accessible to all trades an accurate impression of the project can be developed from the start allowing the user to see how all facets of construction come together before any construction has started.

Once the design is finalised, TWK Steel can then take this model and begin the process of shop detailing for fabrication. With the use of the latest 3D detailing package Tekla Structures, our company can provide:

  • H.D Bolt plans and details
  • Shop drawings and Fittings for steel and precast panel fabrication
  • Detailed marking plans including 3D views
  • Material lists / Bolt reports
  • Custom reports to suit fabrication and erection requirements
  • Shop drawings and report data for purlin and girt sections
  • CNC and DXF data customised to suit any requirements for beam lining and laser cutting including pop marks, part mark and member scribing
  • 3D Bimsight models for review / approval
  • Export data for Trimble total station and other site set out equipment